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  • Vortex Radian Ball Head

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$549

    Independent pan movement and tension control with integrated level. 45 degrees of tilt and notches for up to 90 degrees for all the travel you need.

  • Vortex Radian Level Head

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$379

    The leveling head offers smooth, intuitive control with rubberized, twist-to-lock/unlock handle and +/- 15 degrees of leveling capability to guarantee precise positioning.

  • Vortex Pro Leveling Head

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$139

    Smooth Movement, Precise Adjustments – Integrated level for precise positioning, plus twist to unlock/lock knurled control ring to keep you locked in. +/- 9.0 degress of levling capability. Low-profile, robust aluminum construction supports heavy optics while remaining incredibly smooth to operate. Compatible with most tripod-ready optics (1/4"-20 top thread). For use with the Vortex High Country™ II, Summit™ Carbon II, and Ridgeview™ Carbon tripods - or any tripod with 3/8"-16 thread.

  • Vortex Pro Binocular Adapter

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$149

    A two-part system that creates on seamless glassing experience, the Pro Binocular Adapter combines an incredibly sleek form factor with a fast, stable mount to keep you on the move. Compatible with tripod-adaptable binoculars and tripods with a 1/4"-20 socket/thread.

  • Vortex Pro Binocular Adapter - Stud Only

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$35

    Use in combination with the Vortex Pro Binocular Adapter to mount your binoculars to a tripod.

  • Vortex Sport Binocular Adapter

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$35

    The Sport Binocular Adapter is precision machined and fits any tripod-adaptable binocular and tripod with a 1/4"-20 socket/thread. Its slim profile allows it to fit between the barrels of the largest high-powered binoculars, and a quick-release connector allows the binocular to be removed for handheld use without disconnecting the entire adapter.

  • Vortex Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$25

    Make sure you can attach and detach your optics quickly and securely in the field with the Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate. Durable, anodized aluminum construction keeps your tools anchored in place.

  • Summit SS Quick-Release Plate

    MSRP/PDSF* CA$25

    Quick-release plate for the Vortex Summit SS Tripod ensures fast attaching and detaching of optics in the field.

  • Quick-release plate for the Vortex High Country Tripod ensures fast attaching and detaching of optics in the field.

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