Fatal Impact Outdoors

Fatal Impact Outdoors

Fatal Impact is a top rated television series airing on Sportsman Canada.  About to enter our fourth season, we have continued to grow and develop as hunters and outdoorsman each year.  With some of the youngest hosts in outdoor television, Fatal Impact offers a fresh look at the modern day hunter.  Known for our consistent success while hunting public land, we set out to prove that you don't need massive hunting leases, or exclusive permission to harvest world class animals.  The face of hunting is changing rapidly, and the captivating stories behind each of our episodes are helping to spread awareness and provide a fresh new outlook on a sport that is under constant scrutiny.  Hunting isn't only about killing, and our episodes take a deeper look into what it truly means to be a modern day hunter.  



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Your hosts

Dana White

Dana White

My passion for hunting truly began at the age of 14.  With an interest in archery, and some blind luck, I was able to harvest my very first archery whitetail.  This sparked a passion that would continue to grow.  Being very active in sports growing up, I always found success in hockey.  As my dreams grew, my body didn't... and i was forced to accept the fact that no matter how fast or talented you may be, if you're not big enough, you won't make it.  This allowed me to focus more of my energy on hunting, and upon graduating high school, I immersed myself into the hunting industry.  

After attending college for television production, we decided to start our own show, and try to make our dreams a reality.  With our fourth season going to air shortly, and the future looking bright, I'm excited to see where our journey's will take us.  I hope to inspire young hunters alike, while showcasing the morals and ethics that make up a modern day hunter.  


Darcy Lynn Kwiatowski

Darcy Lynn Kwiatkowski

I grew up on a farm and in a family who spent much of their time doing outdoor activities like camping, quadding, fishing,and hunting.  I went on a few hunting trips as a young kid and teenager but didn't ever think it would become one of my biggest passions.  Growing up, hunting was always more of a "guy" trip, so I didn't ever think it would become something that I would eventually be organizing myself and doing multiple times per year.  

It was in my mid-teens when Dana got his driver's license that we started doing a lot of our hunting together.  We started doing some spring bear hunting and then a little big of fall whitetail hunting.  It was with Dana that i was able to harvest my first bear, whitetail, moose, and mule deer.  How cool is that?  As we would find ourselves doing more and more hunting, I slowly had a passion for it growing inside me!  Now to this day, Dana and I have had the opportunity to go on several hunting adventures together.  It is my time away from the reality of life, and my time to spend making memories with friends and family.  

If there are any ladies out there curious about what it would be like to get into hunting, my best advice would be to ask the hunters in your life all about it, whether it be men or women.  From my personal experience, the men in my life have been the ones who have been the teachers, guides, and support as my passion for hunting grew.  Take the chance and ask someone to take you hunting, it will be a choice you will never regret.  

Cory White

Cory White

Growing up in the small town of Glendon Alberta, I spent most of my time in the outdoors.  My dad introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age, and he would take me hunting every year during November.  When I wasn't hunting, i spent my time quadding and snowmobiling with friends.  After graduating high school, I began training as a Telecommunications Technician, and graduated NAIT with my Journeyman Certificate in 2016.  

Although hunting began as a hobby, it quickly turned into a passion after graduating high school and deciding to start a show.  All of my spare time and holidays were dedicated to ensure the success of the show, and I have discovered aspects of hunting that i never knew existed because of it.  Each year, I look forward to the adventures ahead of us, and the memories that are made in the field with friends and family.   


Jayden Sosnowski

I have always been an avid outdoors woman.  Whether it was fishing, camping, golfing, snowboarding, or wakeboarding, if it involved the outdoors, I was definitely there.  I grew up in a very small town called Myrnam, and like other small towns, there wasn't much to do except be outside with friends and family.  In the winter, we would snowmobile to the local cabins every weekend, and during the summer, we would spend hours catching fish on our annual camping trips.

I was introduced to hunting 6 years ago when i started dating Cory, soon finding myself both behind and in front of the camera for Fatal Impact Outdoors.  At first, i saw hunting as an opportunity to spend more time with Cory, but after my first sit in a tree stand, it was very clear that there was a passion for a sport that i never knew I had.  I never thought I would be so happy to get a million blisters from hiking huge coulees and ridges, freezing my feet off in -30 degree weather, and running off of 3 hours of sleep.  After all of my hard work and dedication, I was fortunate to harvest my very first archery black bear, my first elk, and my first whitetail buck during the 2016 hunting season.  I'm going to cherish these moments and memories for the rest of my life.

My goal for the future is to continue to grow as a huntress and to hopefully inspire other women to get outdoors and give hunting a try.  I know if it wasn't for Cory introducing me to hunting, I may have missed out on a very big part of my life.  I'm extremely anxious to see what other opportunities and adventures the future has in store for me!


Jeff Solberg

I didn't grow up in a hunting family. So when I started taking a keen interest in archery and the outdoors, my dad took me to the local sporting-goods store and bought a bow for each of us. The next couple seasons together, we learned a lot of lessons, but no deer were ever in much danger. But those early days ignited a passion within me that I was compelled to explore. I cherish those memories, the smells, sights, and sounds of those first trips will forever hold a special place in my heart. I can still vividly recall shaking with chills and excitement as my dad and I drove under a starry night sky toward our first mule deer hunt. And I still feel the same excitement today as my wife and I share our adventures together with our young daughter.

Missy Solberg

After I got married I decided to take up hunting so I could spend more time with my husband. But soon I found myself immersed in the rugged beauty of my surroundings and the thrill of the pursuit. I started using the offseason as a way to prepare for the upcoming hunting season, and soon I was participating in triathlons and competing in 3d archery events. Hunting with my husband has made me a better, stronger, more confident person, and the memories we've made together are invaluable. I love that I now get the chance to share those memories with our viewers too.


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