Alex 'Moose Man' Gouthro

Alex 'Moose Man' Gouthro

Hi! I’m Alex Gouthro, educator, outdoor writer, videographer, and video producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

For the past 20 years or so, aside from writing articles, I have specialized in outdoor audio and DVD video instructional productions related to moose hunting & moose calling. My Moose Madness productions: the six-hour instructional program, ‘Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling’, and the two-hour ‘Award Winning’ instructional program, ‘Gouthro’s Moose Madness ‘Quick-Fix’ for The Hunter’ are now well-known to thousands of hunters. When not in the woods filming I keep busy doing my writing, editing, and DVD authoring for these video productions – all done from my home in Thunder Bay.

Full information on these productions can be found at For a sample, Google up ‘Must Know Moose Calls’, a short video made to go along with an article published in the Hunting Annual edition of the Ontario Out of Doors Magazine, September, 2012. As a writer I am a Bowhunter Editor (with responsibility for Crossbow Coverage) for Ontario Out of Doors Magazine, and I am given general assignments with that magazine as well; e.g., moose related articles, trail cameras, communicating & safety in the bush, etc. I am also the Corporate Director on the Executive of the Outdoor Writers of Canada (OWC); in that position I am the main contact for Corporate Members. I am happy to say that Vortex is one of our important Corporate Members in the OWC.

As an avid hunter, I have always been a promoter of hunting education & safety. I was an Ontario Hunter Education Instructor for over 20 years before specializing in bowhunting, and I am now an International Bowhunter Education Master Instructor. One of my tasks in that role is the training of new instructors throughout the Northwestern Ontario region.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people, and sharing my passion for hunting and other related topics through seminar delivery. These seminars, where appropriate, are backed by action-packed video so that the audience gets to see what is being talked about. The audience always learns! My next seminar takes place at the annual convention of Ontario Hunter Education Instructors where I’ll be talking about “Understanding the Challenges of Bowhunting”. Vortex is a big supporter of this event. Visit to learn more about me and my seminars.

I’m in the woods a lot – and when I’m there I rely a great deal on my Vortex optics, particularly my Ranger 1000 rangefinder and 8X42 Razor binoculars. I also do a lot of travelling and my 8×28 Viper binoculars are part of my kit on every trip; the last being a cruise around the Horn in South America this past February; The Viper binoculars allowed me to see details from the ship I would never have seen otherwise. They fit nicely in a pocket on shorter trips in the bush as well, and will be with me on an Alaskan fishing trip this July – perhaps to better see the grizzlies that seem to be part of every fishing trip I’ve had there. I’ll try to get some pictures! Contact me by email for any further information you may need, or about any project you may wish me to be part of.

Thunder Bay, Ontario



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