Angus McKenzie

Angus McKenzie

Hello, I am Angus Mckenzie from St.Thomas, Ontario, a pretty average guy blessed with extraordinary opportunities for adventure….

Hunting, fitness, aviation and adventure have become passions in my life. For a number of years I worked as a commercial pilot flying cropdusters and float planes before switching careers to become a firefighter in the City of London, a job I am now retired from.

Nineteen years ago I switched from firearms to archery and now hunt almost exclusively with a bow. I write this bio from camp on the shore of the White Nile near Juba, Republic of South Sudan. I’ve worked here as a technical adviser for a number of years and contacts made here have enabled me incredible experiences for hunting with a native bow in areas very difficult to access. As well I hunt in the mountains of Lebanon near the border with Syria. In Canada I fly my small floatplane to reach remote, otherwise inaccessible areas for hunting and adventure, sometimes taking record book animals with my bow. During deer season I am out almost everyday when home.

With my frequency of travel and amount of time I spend in remote locations all my gear has to be the best! I must have durable, dependable, fine quality equipment that won’t fail. In the past I’ve used several brands of optics and have chosen Vortex as the brand I can depend upon to give me a functional, high quality optics when I’m alone in the middle-of-nowhere. I share my experiences through public talks, writing for aviation publications, also Ontario Monster Whitetail and Bowhunter Magazine. I am proud to be a pro staff representative for Vortex and look forward to representing Vortex in the hunting industry!

St. Thomas, Ontario


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