Jason Michielsen

I have been hunting since I could walk. My Dad and uncles showed me the ropes and shaped my love for everything involving the outdoors, including hunting. The more I learned and achieved my own goals, the more I wanted to share my passion with others and help them achieve their goals too. I am one of the privileged people that loves getting up and going to work. I work as a hunting guide in Alberta and I am a full-time firefighter for the City of Calgary.  I have worked for some outdoor brands in the past and enjoyed that because it provided me with more opportunities to look into new gear and try to improve my odds of having a successful hunt. In the summer I volunteer some of my time at Circle Square Ranch, a kids’ camp, leading a boy’s adventure week as another opportunity to share my love of the outdoors.

I am blessed to live in Alberta. I can glass sheep in the mountains and have a herd of antelope in my sights on the same day. I do a variety of hunting and guiding from ducks, geese, elk, bears and pretty much everything in between. I enjoy sharing the outdoors with clients, family, friends, and my beautiful wife who is an avid hunter herself. My wife and I go on horseback trips to the mountains, love to camp, and compete in rodeos. I always have a set of binoculars or my Razor spotting scope in my vehicle because I am constantly scouting year round and I use them for so much more than just looking at game.

Everything I do, whether I am firefighting, crawling on my hands and knees stalking a mule deer, or sitting for hours on a snowy, rocky cliff glassing for sheep, I do it to the best of my abilities. The majority of my hunting experience has been do it yourself hunts on public land which can test your abilities and your gear. I have experienced many different circumstances and situations, from the swamps in Florida gator hunting, to the Wyoming Prairies  Antelope hunting, and soon I will be going to the mountains of New Zealand for a DIY hunt for tar and stag. Vortex has become my go to choice in optics. I may change hunting strategies and the terrain I hunt in, but the optics I trust is Vortex. The crispness and clarity of my Vortex binoculars have spotted many animals that I would have never seen without. Whether I’m packing a horse, 4-wheeling, or back packing into the hunting grounds all of them are hard on your glass. I push the limits on my optics, and with the quality and warranty of Vortex, I don’t have to worry about them. That is why I trust Vortex and am proud to be a member of their team.

Torrington, Alberta


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