Muc Simons

Marcus Simons or "Muc" as he like to be called, has been Hunting for more than 30 years. In 1990, he became a big game hunting guide in British Columbia. Muc began his guiding career taking hunters for Elk, Moose, Mountain Goat and Black Bear. But his love for Elk made him primarily focus on Elk. From 1990 - 2003 Muc guided for over two hundred mature 6 point bull Elk. Along the way he became a specialist in calling Bull and Cow Elk. A few of his clients and fellow guides referred to Muc as the "Elk whisperer" for his unbelievably intimate understanding of elk behavior and language. Muc has also guided, filmed and called bull Elk all over North America. He has called Bull Elk in British Columbia, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico. Muc has also presented numerous Elk calling and Elk Language seminars. He likes to refer to himself as being more knowledgeable on Elk Language then on just a good caller.

In his seminars, he primarily focuses on helping hunters with essential tips and calls that will make them more successful. He loves passing his information on to other hunters and will talk and spend time with anyone that has questions. Muc is a very active hunter in his home province of Saskatchewan. He is a very accomplished Whitetail and Mule Deer hunter with numerous large trophies to his credit. Muc trains dogs and hunts upland birds for a major part of the fall season. He also spends a great amount of time focusing on Skeet and Trap shooting at his home club in Regina. He is a bow hunter and is very active in the 3D archery scene.

Muc is a huge believer and promoter of getting new hunters out in the field and primarily on getting young hunters involved. On most of his endeavors Muc includes his son Ryan whenever possible. The 2016 hunting season Muc had Ryan along to witness his dad harvest a large Whitetail and Large Mule Deer. Muc has spent a major part of his adult life guiding in the mountains, because of this he knows what quality optics means to the sportsman.

Muc believes Vortex Optics has the quality and reliability that every hunter, shooter and sportsman would want and depend on. Muc is very proud to be part of the Vortex Canada team.


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