Rick Bullmann

Rick Bullmann

My name is Rick Bullmann. Besides being an avid collector of vintage BMW motorcycles, my foremost passion is hunting. Starting at a very young age, I have been able to harness many skills to allow me to successfully hunt wild game including turkey, bear, moose and deer. As my father had done for me, I am continuing my family hunting legacy by involving my two young boys and teaching them to respect our great outdoors and what nature has to offer us.

Although my hunting experiences began mainly using a rifle, 5 years ago I had discovered the enjoyment that cross bow hunting has to offer. The extra challenge of bow hunting really adds to the sport and with that, my future plans would be to hunt big game in Montana and the Yukon. Who knows what the future will bring!

Not only has Vortex Optics played a large part in optimizing my ability to hunt small and large game with great success, the quality of the product exceeds expectation. I am proud to be part of Vortex Pro Staff.

Ancaster, Ontario


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