Steve Baerg

Steve Baerg

My family has a very long hunting legacy which dates back generations before my time. As a result, I was born into the lifestyle. This is probably why I am obsessed with everything related to this pursuit including guns, shooting, reloading, and of course, great optics!

I am pleased to live in some of the richest landmasses in the world. Having a jackpot of outdoor opportunities out my back door definitely makes me appreciate quality gear and optics. From scouting for elk, to extreme long range shooting, I put my optics to the test every time I use them. I have seen countless optics go down for one reason or another here in the diverse conditions of the west, and I will absolutely say that I have complete confidence in Vortex. Being a long range shooter, top notch optics aren’t just a nice-to-have, they are a need-to have. Superior glass quality and unmatched turret tracking unlike anything I have ever seen, are only a couple reasons why I choose Vortex when I'm out at long range.

Lethbridge, Alberta


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