Daniel Arguin

My name is Daniel Arguin from Lac-Mégantic in Québec. I am the latest rookie member of the Vortex Canada Pro Staff. I am so proud to receive this honor from a company such as Vortex. I am a unique child of lovely parents who started having grey hair at a young age because of a very active son. My grandfather always had time for a whitetail story with his .22 Hornet over the fireplace. I knew listening to him, hunting would be in my future. If he could see what I can see now through my 15–60x52 Vortex Golden Eagle competition riflescope, his eyes would pop-out of his head. Vortex may call it the Golden Eagle, but I call it my Golden Boy. 

My passion with firearms started at a very young age. I can’t tell you how many times my parents said “no, you are too young.” I spent hours looking through outdoor catalogues each fall, looking for my first BB gun and dreaming of futures riffles. Finally, on Christmas day of 1984, a BB gun with a 20mm scope arrived! I was also given a bunch of rules but was happily shooting inside the cellar on many targets that very day.

All on my own, I shot my first deer at 15 and my first big black bear at 16. I always had instant success in any sport or hobby that needed precision like snooker, pool, hunting and shooting. I was a sporty young man playing baseball, hockey, basketball in college, soccer, karate, fishing, shooting bow and firearms, hunting and golfing. At a young age, I was dreaming and seriously working on skills to become a professional golfer.

Sadly, life had other plans for me. After being injured in a karate fight, doctors diagnosed me with Hodgkin disease at 17. But worse was coming. Just after I had beaten cancer, I had a terrible pool accident in Old Orchard Beach, Maine that left me quadriplegic for life at only 19. This accident gave more grey hair to my parents, beginning a very long, tough road both for them, and for me.

About 25 years later, after two years of physical rehabilitation and social reintegration, I successfully returned to school to finish my studies in finance that started before my accident. I earned my college diploma and worked 15 years as a senior accountant at the golf club where I grew up. Thanks to this work and help I received; I bought my familial house, where I am now the 5th generation to live in my beloved home.

One day three years ago, I saw on the kitchen table the fall edition of an outdoor catalog. From that moment, I knew I had to do something to start shooting again. I can’t believe I wasted 25 years not shooting. It was so important for me and serves to alleviate a lot of sadness, stress and frustrations that I refuse to pass on to those around me. I also wanted to return to competitive sports, something I still love.  

But don’t think it was an easy job. I began searching online but knew I wouldn’t find much on the subject. I had to open the door for myself. So, I drew a plan for a shooting table and my wonderful cousin Éric built it. I tried dozens of armrests before finding the best one, at least for now. The trigger gave me a lot of frustration. I almost threw in the towel and gave up, but I rolled up my sleeves and continued to experiment.

As noted, the trigger was very difficult puzzle to solve. I needed to hold my rifle on the table, look through the scope, get on target, and finally pull the trigger. Performing the three movements, all at the same time, without the use of hands. How was I going to pull the trigger and accurately get on target?

One day I found a fourth-generation fabricator and welder at Be Adaptive, great folks committed to producing the highest quality adaptive hunting, shooting and fishing equipment for disabled outdoorsmen. He built me a trigger mechanism that operates on 12-volt DC power and comes with an auxiliary battery. It works with a very slight suction on a tube attached to the control box. The control box is attached to the stock of the weapon with a Velcro cinch strap. It worked and I finally started hitting bullseyes again.

It wasn’t a piece off cake, but I got it! It took me over three years to make it all work, but I never gave up and kept focused on my target. Just when things were coming together, I suffered yet another injury that still hurts me today and slows me down, but will not stop me, you can be sure. Getting back into shooting has introduced me to new friends when I can go to the range. I was also welcomed into a big Vortex Canada family, with very hospitable people, who are proud of their products. Thanks to this family of professionals, Vortex had helped me realize my dreams. Unexpectedly, I also just got back to deer hunting! This was not in the initial plan and beyond what I dared dream of.

At the range, everyone is asking me questions about my equipment. Each time, they ask me what is that magnificent monster rifle scope that you have kid? Each time I answer very proudly, “This is my Golden Boy and it is a Vortex!” With Vortex optics, you can start in advance of your opponent, believe me.

If anyone has any questions for me about anything just send me an email at kuschalll@gmail.com and I will answer.

Daniel Arguin


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