Joe Dampier

Joe Dampier

I work in Law Enforcement and have spent many years as a member of a hostage rescue unit. In addition to on-going training in Tactics, EFE, HRT, I have also received specialized training in pistol, shotgun, tactical rifle and precision long rifle/Sniper and have been a Sniper Team Leader for the past 9 years. I have received training in both Canada and the USA including courses through the NTOA and FBI. My position and training enables me to be a part of training and coaching opportunities with/for members of our own Service as well as those of other Services and Organizations.

My love of shooting and the outdoors extends beyond the confines of work and has been a huge part of my life since childhood, it is a passion that I share with my wife and children and one that has carried over from firearms into Archery and bowhunting as well. I have been fortunate to have traveled across North America competing in Target and 3D competitions and chasing game animals whenever possible. In fact, when it comes to competition my family has won 9 Canadian Championships as well as numerous National, Provincial and State Championships and podium finishes including 3 Silver medals at the World Police and Fire Games. When not pursuing game with my friends and family I am often guiding hunters in their pursuit of Whitetail Deer and Moose a few of which have appeared on TV and DVD.

A common thread in my professional and recreational pursuits is the use of the best gear available within a given budget. The value of quality equipment cannot be understated and surely has played a huge part in the success that my family and I have enjoyed on the range, in the field and on the competition courses of North America. Vortex Optics has surpassed all of our expectations in quality, reliability and durability and is a product that I am confident in recommending to recreational and professional users alike.

Thunder Bay, Ontario


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