Lisa Brake

Lisa Brake

Hi, my name is Lisa Brake and I`m proud to be a Vortex Canada Pro Staff member.

I was born and raised in Toronto and am the youngest of four. Although my father was a city cop, I did not grow up around firearms. It wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I was introduced to the firearms community and began to really appreciate gun culture and the level of respect and sense of camaraderie that comes with it. At first I mostly observed and soon realized that I was becoming part of a group of like minded people where sportsmanship and professionalism was standard practice. I fell in love with long-range precision shooting.

I have a custom Remington 260 which I nicknamed Parker (I know – such a girl). My optic of choice is the Vortex Razor HD Gen ll. Its turret adjustments and tracking ability are true to form and have never let me down. I am not competitive by nature, however I expect the highest level of accuracy and performance from myself and my equipment. Shooting fundamentals are a perishable skill – I encourage all shooters, new or experienced to get on the range regularly – practice and learn.

My husband is the owner/operator of a small firearms training company. I enjoy working with and coaching his students whenever possible. I particularly like working with brand new students because it`s important to me that they have a positive and enjoyable introduction to firearms. It's extremely satisfying to watch shooters progress with proper training and witness their sense of accomplishment by course end.

I would like to see more women get involved in the shooting community. I am a volunteer RSO/Coach for various annual 'Women`s Day at the Range' events that encourage ladies to get out there, give it a try and have some fun. Getting the message across to women, that although the sport is mostly male dominated –there is plenty of room for us girls too. Personally I have always received a very strong sense of support and admiration from all disciplines of shooters, both male and female. That support has been the constant driving force that has steered me on a path of commitment and success. Special thanks to my husband Mike Brake – if not for his patience, guidance and devotion – I would likely not have taken the opportunity to explore the challenges that I enjoy as a shooter.

See you on the range!


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