FAQ - Spotting Scopes


Q: I have lost the objective and/or ocular lens cover for my spotting scope – How do I go about getting replacement(s)?

A: Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call! While these accessories are not technically covered under the warranty, we like you to be able to use and protect your optics properly. As long as we have the covers for your spotting scope (i.e. it is not a discontinued model that we have run out of parts for) we will gladly provide you with one replacement of each cover at no charge.


Q: There is something wrong with the detachable eyepiece of my spotting scope – Do I have to send you the whole scope or can I just send in the eyepiece?

A: As long as you’re sure that the issue is limited to the eyepiece, and there is nothing wrong with the rest of the scope, then you can just send in the eyepiece. Make sure that your scope is supposed to have a detachable eyepiece – if it isn’t supposed to detach, but is, then the whole scope would need to come in so we can re-purge and secure the eyepiece to the scope body. As well, make sure that all pieces that are supposed to be attached to the eyepiece come off with the eyepiece, and that all pieces that are supposed to be attached to the scope body stay attached to the scope! If in doubt, send us a picture via e-mail and we can tell you!


Q: I use my spotting scope all of the time, I can’t be without it for the time that it will take to repair it, can’t it be rushed?

A: We can try to rush things a bit, but there is only so much we can do. Most of the turnaround time is spend in transit, especially on the items that are being shipped to the US for repairs – they have to go through customs on the border both times they cross over. We do, however, have some loaner scopes that we can send to you to use while your scope is in for repair. Put a note on your warranty repair form, or get in touch with us, and we will send you a loaner as soon as we get your scope needing repair. Once it’s been repaired we’ll get in touch with you and we’ll go through the same process to swap them again. There is no fee for using the loaner, but we do ask that the customer pay to ship the loaner back to us.

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