How To Videos

Our “How To” video library demonstrates the steps, techniques and tools necessary to properly perform often asked about optics tasks.


How to select riflescope rings and mounts (20:20)

How to tighten riflescope rings (4:02)

How to sight in your riflescope (5:51)

Riflescope 101: Caliber Specific Reticles (1:15)

Riflescope 101: Magnification (2:39)

How to mount a precision riflescope (8:46)

How to set the RZR Zero Stop (2:51)

Viper PST Gen II, Razor HD Gen I

How to set the CRS Zero Stop (3:13)

Viper PST Gen I, Viper HS LR, Viper HS-T

How to set the L-TEC Zero Stop (2:39)

Razor HD Gen II (excluding 1-6 models)

How to estimate range with a reticle (4:02)

How to use the Vortex Dead-Hold BDC reticle (3:49)

How to use the Vortex LRBC

How to get started in 3-Gun (29:05)

Red Dots

How to mount a red dot to a handgun (31:45)

How to mount the VMX-3T and flip mount (2:34)


How to program the Vortex Ranger rangefinder (1:58)

Spotting Scopes

How to put a fitted case onto a spotting scope (2:48)


How to use the Picatinny Rail (1:55)

Viper HD Spotting Scopes


How to attach an after-market binocular strap (1:17)

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