Troubleshooting Binoculars


How do I attach a neck strap to my binoculars?

Step 1
Thread the end of the strap from the bottom, then up through the strap attachment loop.
Step 2
Hold the buckle and thread the end of the strap inside the buckle.
Step 3
Adjust the overall length and pull the strap webbing tight so it is secure within the buckle.

Note: Threading a metal ring directly onto the binocular’s strap attachment with rings, clips or other aftermarket equipment will result in broken strap attachments. Instead, use nylon zip ties around the strap attachment and attach metal rings to the nylon zip ties.


How do I set the diopter?

The diopter is a ring usually located directly underneath the right-side eyecup. Where the center focus wheel adjusts the focus of each barrel in tandem, the diopter individually focuses only the right side to account for people with different prescriptions. To set your diopter, start with your right eye closed, looking through only the left barrel of your binocular. Using the center focus wheel, adjust the focus until the image through the left side with your left eye is perfectly clear. Once the left side has been made clear using the center focus wheel, close your left eye and open your right eye. Now, use the right-side diopter underneath the eyecup to adjust the focus for your right eye individually (if necessary). Once the right side has been made perfectly clear to your right eye, you can open both eyes and use the center focus wheel from then on. Now, both eyes should focus together, even if they are different prescriptions.


The rubber eyecup on my binoculars has come detached – How can I re-secure them?

To re-secure the rubber eyecup please follow these instructions:

  • Make sure the eyecup assembly is in the down (not extended) position
  • Use a toothpick to lightly run a thin layer of cyanoacrylate super glue around the inside of the rubber eyecup
  • Slide the rubber eyecup around the outer ring of the eyecup assembly
  • Apply pressure lightly for 30 seconds
  • Twist the eyecup up (extend it) and allow to dry for at least 20 minutes

If the eyecup was lost, then contact our Service Department and if we have one available we'll send you a replacement!

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